Mara Moustafine is author of the award-winning book Secrets and Spies: The Harbin Files. A work of literary non-fiction, it tells the story of her quest to uncover the fate of relatives during Stalin’s purges in the Soviet Union and her family’s life over fifty turbulent years in China, where she herself was born.

A Chinese edition,harbin dang'anHarbin Dang’an (The Harbin Files), translated by Li Yao, was published in 2008.  Over 400 people attended the launch at the Zhongyang Book Store in Harbin on 22 March 2009 during Mara’s month long visit to Hong Kong and China to participate in international literary festivals.  Watch the Harbin video below and see Events for details.

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Secrets and Spies: The Harbin Files is now available as an ebook


Recent Publications

‘Russians from China: Migrations and Identity’,  Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Journal, Vol.5, No 2, 2013

Russians‘, Dictionary of Sydney online, March 2011 and published in the Sydney Journal Vol.3, No.2 (2011) download pdf.

with Andrew Jakubowicz, ‘Living on the Outside: cultural diversity and the transformation of public space in Melbourne’ in Cosmopolitan Civil Societies Journal, Vol.2, No.3, 2010


Read now in English:

– how the translation came about: download The Harbin Files Preface – Chinese Edition.
– the continuing story: download The Harbin Files Postscript – Chinese Edition.

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