Mara Moustafine is author of the award-winning book Secrets and Spies: The Harbin Files. A work of literary non-fiction, it tells the story of her quest to uncover the fate of relatives during Stalin’s purges in the Soviet Union and her family’s life over fifty turbulent years in China, where she herself was born.


The updated second edition of harbin dang'anHarbin Dang’an (The Harbin Files), translated by Li Yao was published by Beijing publisher San Lian Bookstore Publishing Company in April 2018.

It was launched on 5 May 2018 at 2pm at the Central Bookstore in Zhongyang Street, Daoli, Harbin. Author Mara Moustafine and translator Li Yiao spoke at the launch.  For further information.

You can order the Chinese edition of the  book online here.


Mara Moustafine and her Chinese translator Professor Li Yiao

SEE the Harbin TV report 6 May 2018


The first Chinese edition,harbin dang'anHarbin Dang’an (The Harbin Files), translated by Li Yao, was published in 2008.  Over 400 people attended the launch at the Zhongyang Book Store in Harbin on 22 March 2009 during Mara’s month long visit to Hong Kong and China to participate in international literary festivals.

LISTEN to Mara’s podcast at the 2009 Shanghai International Literary Festival DOWNLOAD

Mara gave a Keynote Address to the First International Conference of Former Foreign Residents of Harbin, on 26 June 2017.  From Cosmopolitan Harbin to Multicultural Australia: My Harbin Journey.

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Secrets and Spies: The Harbin Files
Penguin  (ebook and paperback)

harbin dang'anHarbin Dang’an


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